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Welcome to the Save Ianto Jones Campaign

Please send courteous and polite letters, cards and coffee to:

BBC Audience Services (or BBC Complaints)
PO Box 1922
United Kingdom

Also write to:

Starz LLC
8900 Liberty Circle
Englewood, CO 80112

And send your equally courteous and polite emails to:

BBC: https://faq.external.bbc.co.uk/templates/bbcfaqs/emailstatic/emailPage

Starz: http://www.starz.com/help/feedback

Don't forget to check the comm rules here

In honor of Ianto

Just thought I'd share some of the pictures I used for my tweets. :D  Save Ianto Jones!


July 9

With permission, I'm borrowing coffee_n_retcon 's words below:

So, we're rapidly approaching that time of year again. You know, July 9th, the anniversary of that thing that never happened in that series 3 that never was. Well, three years on and one thing is still certain. Ianto has not been forgotten.

For this year's July 9th rememberance, Save Ianto Jones would like you to remind the world of that fact. Send emails, cards and/or tweets to the BBC and Starz with one simple message: Ianto is still loved and he is still remembered.

Msjaybee has made a suggestion for a new way to express your Ianto love: 'Drink a Coffee for Ianto.' We all know that no one ever made a better cup of coffee than our beloved Welshman. So in his honour, have a cup at home, with a friend or at your local coffee shop. Make a toast to Ianto. Take a picture of your coffee or of you drinking it and Tweet it. Perhaps we could even post a thread here if you'd care to discuss what was drunk, where, in what sort of mug/cup with us here. (And yes, as he was also the tea boy, you could have a cuppa instead, if you prefer.)

Your message doesn't have to be long or detailed. As always, please be polite. So the email addresses are located on the main page. Send tweets to @BBC and @Starz addresses (as it's doubtful that the old TW twitter accounts are monitored anymore, it's probably best not to bother with them.) Also, include the @Save_IantoJones so we can see about boosting the signal with some re-tweeting. (Please note the spacing, there are a few immitators out there with similar names.)

May. 19th, 2012

A friend of mine went to the Greatest Show in the Galaxy in which the original Torchwood cast were together for maybe the last time.  Here is her report on the convention.  Enjoy.

Greatest Show in the Galaxy

Read more...Collapse )

Two articles

Here are two more articles where you can go and make your opinion known;



I am copying and pasting all articles I find that either support Ianto and the return of Classic Torchwood or where the comments do the same, so please pop on over and comment then I can alert the BBC to the true feeling of fans.

Gareth Q & A

There is a new Q & A up at Gareth's site http://www.garethdavid-lloyd.co.uk/qa.html

While there I was reading the last entry and was struck by the answer when asked what is the best thing about acting?

"The best is the feeling when you've made an audience think, or feel, when you know you've had an impact on them."

Well Gareth, I'd say as we are approaching a certain 3 year anniversary the audience is STILL feeling it. I'd say that you have truely made 'an impact.'

Yet another poll

Here is another poll asking about character duos on Torchwood over at Pollpidgeon. Go and let them know that nobody is better than when they're with Ianto.



Another poll

Who is the heart of Torchwood?

Go vote!


Discussion Post

I thought I'd give everyone a chance to talk about their favorite coffee boy with fellow fans.  The question today is:

What was Ianto's best moment?

Interpret it however you like. :D


Here's a good place to express some Ianto love:


C'mon loyal Ianto fans! Here is a good place to express how you think Torchwood could be improved/fixed/made to be your favourite show again (such as the return of a certain witty Welshman.)



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